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Terms and conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

This page gives you information about the terms and conditions of your rental, please read it carefully.


General conditions

The vehicle is rented in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement, printed out on the back side of the Contract. When picking-up the car, by signing the contract, the persons who rent out implicitly confirm the acceptance of this terms and conditions.
ARES reserves the right to refuse the rental without any explanation.

Age and driving license

The minimum age of the persons who rent the vehicle or any additional driver, respectively is 21 years with a permit period of at least 12 months.
The maximum age is 75 years.
Ares is entitled to require additional fees unless you fulfil the above age criteria.

Documents required to take over the car

The following documents must be presented when you pick up the car:

– identity card or passport

– voucher

– Visa or MasterCard credit card on behalf of the person who made the reservation

– valid driving license for at least 12 months
If there is a request for an additional driver, he / she must present an identity card / passport and a driving license; the additional driver must be present at the time of the pick-up as well.

The rental price includes:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

If the car body and glass elements are damaged during the rental, the maximum amount you will pay for the repairs covered by the insurance policy is the excess (deposit), provided that the rental terms and conditions and insurance conditions are complied with. The failure to comply with these terms and conditions, entitles Ares to retain the full amount of the prejudice, in case of a damage.

Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL)

This covers the liability of the driver in the event of a bodily injury and property damage resulted out of the driver’s fault. It does not cover the driver’s own injury or damage to the rented car. This coverage operates if you comply with the terms of the rental contract.

Theft Insurance (TP)

If the car is stolen, the maximum amount paid by the client is the deposit, provided that the Police and Ares are immediately informed about it. In case the car keys/ documents were left inside the cabin or handed over to someone else or in any other circumstance that proves client’s, Ares is entitled to ask the client the amount up to the car’s full value. gross negligence for replacement charges covered by the policy is the excess in case of theft.

Included without additional costs

Airport over charge

Winter tires


Your rental price includes an unlimited mileage for rentals spanning over 3 days. In case of 1-2 days of rental only 250km / day are included and additional kilometres are charged with 0.2 euro / km.

The price does not include:

Fuel, additional services such as but not limited to a child’s seat, additional driver, total insurance (FDW) to the extent that they were not selected at the time of booking, charges and fines of any kind.

After renting out

If you have incurred any fees, such as speed penalties or unpaid congestion charges, the car rental company will try to contact you when authorities ask who drove it and will make available to them a copy of the rental contract and of your ID papers. This can happen a few months after the rental – and you will have to pay all these fees, otherwise the company is authorized to recover them from your credit card.

Cleaning fee

Ares will inform you at the drop- off about the cleaning fee amount, if the car needs a deeper cleaning than a reasonable one.

Rent period

The minimum charging period is 24 hours. The 60-minute interval over the 24-hour period is free of charge. If the car will be delivered later than 60 minutes after the time of the pick-up in the rental agreement, an additional day will be charged.
For monthly or long-term rentals, additional information is available on request.

Online booking

Online booking confirmations are for a car group, not for a particular car type / model. Once having booked online, this means that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the rental.

Modify / cancel your reservation

After completing an online booking, you can change the car group, date / time of handover / takeover, place of handing over / taking over by clicking on the link you received in your confirmation message. The reservation may be cancelled on the same link.

Please note that a change to your booking may affect the price and / or availability of the vehicle.

If you cancel your booking on the same day it was created, no cancellation fee will apply.
If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before the pick-up date, you will be charged € 50.
If the car is not picked up and the reservation has not been cancelled, the amount paid for the reservation will NOT be refunded.
In order to be refunded the amount paid for the voucher (when applicable), you must submit a refund request to the following email address: office@aresrentacar.ro.
The amount will be returned on the same card used for trading within a maximum of 30 business days.

Crossing the border

All vehicles can only travel in the following European countries (pre-notification is required): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia *, Czech Republic, France *, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy *, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia , Slovenia, Turkey.
*Only the mainland is forbidden to cross the islands.
ARES has the right to monitor the vehicle through remote electronic monitoring tools. ARES has the right to locate, stop and relinquish the vehicle at the expense of the lessee and without prior notice, if the car is used with a violation of the law, illegally parked, apparently abandoned, is used outside Romania or is used with a breach of payment obligations or other obligations arising out of the lease contract.

Duty administration fee

A fee of 55.00 EUR + VAT will be applied in the event of a theft or if the car presents damages upon return. This fee does not apply if the client purchased a FDW cover and in case of a damage one may present the papers issued by the police.

Any extra fee:

– lost key: from 100.00 EURO to 300.00 EURO (depending on the car model).
– lost car documents: 100 EURO
– excessive dirt in the vehicle or tainted car upholstery: 10,00 EURO – 200 EURO
If ARES travels to the customer for reasons such as loss of keys, broken tires, broken glass or other similar reasons, a fee of 0.5 EUR / km will be applied, the distance up to the customer’s place.

Delivery and collection of the car

The service is “on request” and depends on the availability of the staff at the rental office and the payment method. Requests for delivery and collection must be sent at least 24 hours in advance.
Details of identity (passport, driving license) and other details required for the rental contract must be provided at the time of booking.
In Romania, between cities:
A tolling fee will be charged between € 40 and € 300. In the cities where Ares has an office the cost is available in the reservation.


ARES offers cars with Minimum 1/3 of tank full, at the beginning of the rental period.
By choosing Fuel Service Option when renting, you pay a full tank at a price of 1.25 EUR / litre; so, you do not have to worry about finding the nearest gas station when you return the vehicle.
If you do not choose our Fuel Service Option, we advise you to fill in the tank before returning the vehicle. If you bring the vehicle with less fuel than you have taken, beside the missing fuel calculated at the pump price, a fee of 20 euro will be charged, VAT included. As long as one does not fill the tank by oneself, the customer recognizes the calculation methods used by the company to determine the amount of fuel used up to the quantity available when it was taken over.

The deposit will be used as described below:

– For customers who have CDW coverage through insurance, if the car is damaged or stolen, the entire deposit will be retained. Otherwise, the deposit will be refunded 100% within 48 hours.

– In the case of customers who have a FDW coverage through insurance, if the client presents a report from Police and the risks are covered by the insurance, the deposit is returned.
The deposit is retained in all cases where tires, rims are affected, for damages to the clutch (mechanical or automatic), damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage resulting from the use of a vehicle without oil or coolant, loss of documents, loss of keys, damage resulting from the driving of the vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, as well as in the event that the Client fails to present acts from the authority body regarding the damage caused to the car.
In the event that the damages occur as a result of uncovered insurance risks, the Client agrees that ARES shall deduct from the card the amount deposited as well as the difference up to the coverage of the entire damage.