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The following types of insurance are included in the rental price:

Third party liability insurance in case of accident (MTPL)
Motor insurance in case of vehicle’s damage or theft ( MOD)
Road tax – Vignette


Important! The insurer does not cover the following:
  • Damage caused by inappropriate overheat of the engine (for example: damage caused to the engine block, breech or cooling system, as a result to water freezing); damage caused by insufficient oiling or overheat out of any other reason not covered by the insurance.
  • Damage caused by direct vibration of the vehicle in motion, by the action of the electric power to the electric system, to the dynamo, the electro-motive, lights or any other part or accessory using power or being set off by power as well as that caused by the direct action of acids or any other matter.
  • Damage caused to luggage or property transported with the insured vehicle.
  • Damage caused by flood when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The insurance does not cover the damage caused outside Romania, nor if the vehicle is used in races, performance tests or contests.
  • In case of accident, if the vehicle was driven or set in motion by someone who does not possess a valid driver’s licence corresponding to the respective category of the vehicle, or whose driver’s licence had been withdrawn, annulled or withheld to be annulled or as a consequence to suspending the right to drive a car.
  • If the damage caused by fire or explosion was due to the Renter’s misuse of open fire or even open fire light (not protected by lamp) where the vehicle was lodged.
In cases where:
  • The accident was set on purpose.
  • The accident was caused when driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics as well as if committing crimes to legal rules of driving on public roads (such as: the driver involved in a traffic event eludes to taking biological tests to establish his alcohol level or he left the premises of the accident when not permitted by the law, except for the situation when there is a need to rescue possible injured), even if these deeds were not produced on such roads, or during committing other crimes.
  • The damage caused to the rented vehicle was made during committing other crimes on purpose, or when the respective person involved in committing a crime on purpose is trying to elude to prosecution.
  • The damage caused by using the vehicle against the manufacturer’s usage instructions.
  • If, after committing the theft or the attempt of theft, the damage increased because the Renter did not take proper action to limit it, and this is clear from the repair of damage authorization –just for the increased damage part.
If leaving the vehicle:
  • with the key in contact.
  • with one or many of its keys inside.
  • with the original documents inside, no matter the reason: the registration certificate or the car ID.