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Bucharest Tour – 6 hours

Visits to the Cotroceni Museum, the Arch of Triumph, the Press Square, the Village Museum, the Palace of Parliament

PRICES – 6 hours – Transport + Guide
Nr. People / Group3-821
PRICES / person40 Eur55 Eur110 Eur
*The rates are per person according to nr. of participants * The Cotroceni Palace is closed on Mondays. * Included: transport and guide * Not included: Entrance fees to the objectives (Parliament Palace 8 Euro, Cotroceni Palace 10 Euro, Village Museum 3 Euro), Lunch
Objectives Info

1st Objective Cotroceni Museum
Can be visited spaces from the former Cotroceni monastery and the former royal palace at Cotroceni, where King Ferdinand and Queen Maria lived. Details

2nd Obiective Arch of Triumph
Designed by Petre Antonescu, was built between 1921 and 1922. It commemorates the victory of Romania in World War I. Details

3rd Obiective Free Press Square
House of the Free Press is a building located in the north of Bucharest, at the entrance to the Baneasa neighborhood. Details

4th Obiective The Village Museum
The museum was inaugurated on May 10, 1936, in the presence of King Carol II of Romania, and for the public on May 17, 1936, being at present one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bucharest. Details

5th Obiective The Palace of Parliament
The Palace of Parliament is the second largest administrative building for civilian use as the world’s surface, and the most expensive administrative building in the world and the toughest building in the world. Details

Transfagarasan Tour – 1 day

Visits to Curtea de Arges Monastery, Lake Vidraru, Lake Balea, Transfagarasan

PRICES – 1 day – Transport + Guide
Nr. People / Group3-821
PRICES / person55 Eur70 Eur150 Eur
*The rates are per person according to nr. of participants
* Included: transport Bucharest-Curtea de Arges-Vidraru-Balea Lake-Bucharest and guide * Not included: lunch 15 Eur / pers (optional)
Objectives Info

1st Objective Curtea de Arges Cathedral
The monastery is also the royal necropolis, besides a model of architecture. Details

2nd Obiective Lake Vidraru
Accumulation lake built in the 60’s with impressive views of the Fagaras Mountains. Details

3rd Obiective Balea Lake
It is a glacial lake located at an altitude of 2040m in the Fagaras Mountains. Details

4th Obiective Transfagarasan
The road was built in the 70’s and crosses the Fagaras Mountains. Details

2 Castles + Brasov Center Tour

Visit to Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Historic Center Brasov

PRICES – 1 day – Transport + Guide
Nr. People / Group3-821
PRICES / person60 Eur70 Eur140 Eur
*The rates are per person according to nr. of participants
* Included: Bucharest-Valea Prahovei-Bran-Bucharest transport and guide
* Not included: objective entrance fees (Castel Peles 12 Eur, Castle Bran 8 Euro), lunch
Objectives Info

1st Objective Peles Castle
It was inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century and is a symbol of the Romanian monarchy. Details

2nd Obiective Bran Castle
The medieval castle of the 14th century is known for the legend of Dracula – Vlad Tepes – but has accomplished multiple strategic functions, later becoming the royal residence and finally the museum. Details

3rd Obiective Historic Center Brasov
The Council Square was in the Middle Ages the place where Brasov organized fairs for both Saxon and Hungarian merchants as well as those coming from Romania. Details

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